Time to Fill Our Cups and Get Our Minds Blown

Two words: Mind Blown!

Have you ever had an experience that completely changed the way you think? An experience that literally shifted your mindset, broadened your perspective, allowed you to see something old in a completely new way? That’s exactly what happened to me this weekend. It was as if someone put a pair of glasses on my face that allowed me to see things that were blurry in a clear, crisp, clean light. I think about the time I’ve wasted, the things I’ve missed, just because I couldn’t see them. Like leaving the house without your glasses or contacts and trying to navigate your day, things were blurry, out of focus, unperceived. It’s like trying to write in a dark room with just a nightlight, and then someone comes and flips on the light. “Wow! I can see now!” Only to realize that light switch has been on that wall the whole time. You just didn’t know how to turn it on. That’s why I go to conventions like this. To open up to new ways of thinking and seeing. To have that person who gets it come in and show me the light. Show me there is always a brighter, better way. And that I am entirely capable of anything I want to create in this life, if only I am open to listen, to change, to grow.

You see friends, the only thing that is guaranteed to never change in this life is that EVERYTHING always changes. Wait, what? That doesn’t even make sense…or does it? Think about it….
The seasons change, the weather changes, time is constantly ticking, our children are always growing, and we should be too. As humans, we were designed to be in constant and consistent evolution. And yet, we tend to like patterns, comfort zones, repetition. And when we take the easy route, the one that AVOIDS change, we THINK we are getting something out of it: fewer push backs, fewer conflicts, fewer things on our to do list, an easier, softer way. But we are WRONG. When we refuse to grow and change, we MISS out on some amazing opportunities for growth, we cut ourselves and everyone around us short, and we fail to THRIVE by instead just choosing to survive. And on the surface it may look easier, but in reality it’s much harder. It’s harder to convince ourselves we are happy and fulfilled when we are NOT. What fills you up? What makes you feel the most ALIVE? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? All of those things take work, dedication, passion, and drive.

Find what lights you up from the inside out and chase it like there’s no tomorrow. Go out and fill your cup with personal development, retreats, conferences, and driven people who are willing to share what they know. Connect with people who lift you up, inspire you, and push you to be better today than you were yesterday. Your mind will thank you.

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