Welcome the Breakdown

It was a normal Thursday…which means 9am Buti Yoga with my crew.

My girl Rachel was prepping for her Cert, so I had been giving her the reins while teaching to help her practice for it.

She took over and led.

And I broke down.


And it was beautiful.

Truth be told, I had been holding a lot in. A lot. Sister, you know what I mean. The kind of $hit you hold in bc you’re afraid of letting it out. Too painful, too messy, to scary, too…—you fill in the blank.

This post is for my leaders, my Lightworkers.

The ones who hold massive space for others and forget in all of that, that we are on a journey of our own rising too.

The ones who ignore their own needs because they are so wrapped up in service work.

The ones whose “medicine” is so potent because what they’ve created as a healing potion is the very one they need themselves.

You, sister.

So for those three songs while my friend led, I let it ALL OUT.

If you’ve ever been to a BUTI class, you know how healing it can be: the pounding, the jumping, the flowing, the pulsing, the music, the beats, all of it.


Do you know how freeing it was to be totally vulnerable and let everything out on my mat?

How freeing it IS to not fear judgement,

To know that I was held in that moment of release??

There. Are. No. Words.

So I’ll leave it in a photo.

My crew.

My circle.

My tribe.

Sister, my wish for you is that you’ll find such a tribe of your own.

One that will stand in and hold you when you’re having that breakdown…because in reality, it’s a breakthrough.

And we all need those breakthroughs for our RISING.

If you’re riding solo on your journey and you WANT a tribe like mine, all you have to do is reach out.

We’ve actually been pounding for you for awhile now.

I think it’s time you heard us.


In light and love,

xo Melanie

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