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4 Rituals for the Autumn Equinox

Welcome to FALL, y’all!

The Autumn Equinox is a time when the amount of daylight and dark are in complete balance. So this is a perfect time to do some clearing, dreaming, intending, and restoring.

Read on to hear 4 Rituals for the Autumn Equinox that will have you vibing high and flowing into that next level of self!

  1. Clearing -now is the time to clear the clutter –and I’m not just referring to your physical space. Take some time today or this week to also clear your energy field.
    Start by looking inward and creating a meditation practice you can continue into the winter and beyond.
    Set your alarm 10 minutes early.
    Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and stretch out your body.
    Then sit in 5 minutes of meditation -if you have a hard time meditating, try a free app like Calm or Head Space.
    If you’re into it, or even just want to be, take the time to sage your energy field at least once a week (look for sage videos on You Tube to see how).
    Once you’ve cleared your mind and energy field, it’s time to clear your external space.
    Start small and just take it one room at a time.
    Donate the things you find useful but no longer use.
    Discard the things that are not useful and are just taking up space (recycle if you can).
  2. Dreaming -now is the time to start giving yourself a bedtime routine.
    Give yourself a bed time, and if you’ve been running on empty, set your bed time for 1/2 hour earlier than your “normal.”
    Getting a good night’s sleep can help you in so many ways.
    Also, start paying attention to your dreams by intending to remember them.
    Take it a step further and set a journal at your bedside to jot down anything you remember upon waking.
    Dreams are really good insights to your subconscious thoughts and workings –analyzing them can give you insight.
    And be sure to Google anything significant. For example, dreaming of a tornado could mean that you feel overwhelmed or disappointed by something. –Maybe taking on that project was just too much in this season of your life and you need to ask for help.
  3. Intending -now is also the time to work your intentions. Everything is energy –everything. And when we use the power of intention, we set the wheels in motion towards what we want to experience/feel/think/know in this life.
    Don’t believe me?
    Try it for a week and see how your day changes when you begin by intending how you want the day to go.
    This can be as simple as stating, “I want to feel joy today” at the end of your morning meditation.
  4. Restoring -and finally, now is the time to restore your body. Do this by signing up for that yoga class at your local studio, asking a friend to meet you a few times a week for a brisk walk, or even committing to an at home workout program (ask me if you need help with this –I have a great platform to share with you). Then take the energy of clearing (see #1) and clear out your fridge and cabinets of processed and sugar filled foods. Replace them with fresh produce and whole grains. Take it a step further and meal plan and prep for the week ahead, so when you’re busy you still have healthy options to grab on the run (need help with this? just ask me).
    Y’all, we only get one body and one life, so we must make self-care a priority, and the best self care is the ‘whole approach’ *movement, nutrition, and mindset.

Whatever you choose to do at this special time of year, do something.
The Autumn Equinox is a perfect time to create change. So take advantage of that today.

In Love and Light,

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