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Gunnin’ For Abs Y’all! -with a side of sobriety talk

Mama is gunnin’ for abs y’all!

So I’m doing this life event thing this year: turning 40!!!

I know, I know, no big deal, right?

Yes. And no.

No big deal in that it’s just one day of many, a single snapshot that is used to weave the beautiful tapestry that is my life.
But yes, big deal, in that I’m finally entering a decade where alcohol will not be a part of it.
Up until this point, I do not have a decade that I can claim that. Which may sound shocking since my first decade (like every other human being) includes the ages of 0-9. I actually have a vivid memory of the first time I tasted alcohol. I was about 5 and it was a Budweiser beer. And no, I don’t mean a memory I recreated for myself because I heard someone tell the story, I can remember the smell (of both the beer and my grandfather’s breath), how it felt touching my lips, going down my throat, and that warm feeling it created in my belly.

And for me, this is a wonderful memory (despite the ensuing hell alcohol created for me later in life). I loved my grandpa, we called him Pappy. And I loved the smell of the beer on his breath, loved his beautiful smile, loved how he always allowed us grand kids to pull out all the pots and pans and wooden spoons and pretend we were the drummers for his favorite Big Band, Roaring 20’s song, “In the Mood,” loved how he always had money in his pockets to give us, ice cream to buy for us at the local ice cream shop (especially in the hot Florida summers), and most importantly, I loved climbing up on his lap on the front porch of his single wide trailer, and getting what he called a “snort” of beer (a little sip).

So as I’m approaching this new decade, I want to pay respect to what I have put my body through over the years, the good and the bad.

I want to thank my beautiful and RESILIENT body for never giving up on me.

For always coming back from whatever I put it through (including 2 pregnancies and 2 natural childbirths).

And for giving me a vehicle to use during this ride around the sun. A beautiful and wonderous vehicle that deserves the BEST treatment now that I am ready to treat it well.

2018 will find me celebrating 6 amazing years of sobriety.

And God willing, it will also find me sporting those abs I haven’t seen on it since my early 20’s when I was dancing 5 days a week in a mixture of ballet, jazz, and modern dance at Santa Fe Community College in the late 90’s.

Hey, I’m only going to turn 40 once, so I want to make it a good one.

Finding our best self often comes through tremendous trial coupled with tremendous love and support. For me, it was through sobriety (and trust me when I say that was a hell of a lesson full of much needed pain and suffering), a loving husband, friends, family, and a rock solid relationship with my creator, whom I call God.

I’m currently leading an amazing group of EMPOWERED women and men to create their BEST SELVES for 2018: body, mind, and spirit.
We have room for you if you’re ready to do the work.
Reach out to me here via email and we can get the party started for your best year too.

In Light and Love Always,

Melanie Yocum
Abundantly Fit
Lightworker Extraordinarre <3

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