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The Shadow of Myself

We all have them.
Sometimes they hide, and we feel on top of the world, elated, ready to tackle any obstacle that dares to manifest in our paths.
Other times they loom large, and we shrink.
Hide who we really are behind a screen of insecurity, fear, and doubt.
The once brilliant idea, thrown into the garbage like an old scrap of paper.
Our newfound confidence tossed out like an old rag.
Our happy vibes replaced by sadness and despair.
Why do we fall victim to our shadow selves?
They are not real.
They cannot take from us what we don’t willingly give.
Maybe we are afraid.
Afraid of success.
Afraid of our own power.
What if we could see these shadows of ourselves for what they truly are: reflections of lower energies that no longer serve us?
We could banish insecurity, fear, and doubt, and dig into SELF LOVE instead.
We could TRUST ourselves, our journeys, the Universe, and its DIVINE plan for us to THRIVE, to rise, to really SHINE.
Trust and Doubt can’t exist at the same time.
So which will we choose when that shadow drops in?
Just being mindful that a simple shift in perspective can teach us something we are ready to learn could make a world of difference.
So the next time you start to feel those old feelings of despair and unworthiness, it’s time to SHINE your light.
Illuminate the darkness with your trust and your self love.
When we choose to dig into the core of who we are, full of light and love and limitlessness, we find instant relief and come back to a place of peace. A place of love. A place of joy.
Dig into that truth today, and send those shadows packing.
They no longer serve us.
It’s time to SHINE.

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