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Gunnin’ For Abs Y’all! -with a side of sobriety talk

Mama is gunnin’ for abs y’all! So I’m doing this life event thing this year: turning 40!!! I know, I know, no big deal, right? Yes. And no. No big deal in that it’s just one day of many, a single snapshot that is used to weave the beautiful tapestry that is my life. But yes, big deal, in that I’m finally entering a decade where alcohol will not be a part of it. Up until this point, I do…

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Body, Mind & Spirit

The Shadow of Myself

Shadows. We all have them. Sometimes they hide, and we feel on top of the world, elated, ready to tackle any obstacle that dares to manifest in our paths. Other…

Body, Mind & Spirit

Rediscover the CONNECTION

Disconnected. Cut off. Muffled. Shattered. Life has a way of cutting us off from who we are. Distractions are everywhere, and demands are endless. Our jobs. Our relationships. Our children.…


Time to Fill Our Cups and Get Our Minds Blown

Two words: Mind Blown! Have you ever had an experience that completely changed the way you think? An experience that literally shifted your mindset, broadened your perspective, allowed you to…


The Power of Positive Thinking

The mind. We all have one. Our minds are the most POWERFUL vehicle through which we can create the lives we love. So why are so many people living miserable…



For my first Spirit blog post, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite topics: Chakras!!! Did you know that your body has seven main chakras? You…